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Your Story Matters More Than You Think. Let Me Help You Discover Your Authentic Voice and Find the Best Way to Share.

My Life Story Became A Book

As my familiar world fell apart, I left my home country without an itinerary. I roamed for 400 days abroad. Countless people shared their hard-earned wisdom, which helped me put my life in perspective. Many stories became part of my life, and I made them into a book.

That’s how I learned the importance of listening. This book is an example of learning through receiving someone’s insights and passing them on to others.

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Hi, I'm Misako

Let's Make your story shareable

When we encounter a memorable story, whether we read or hear it, it becomes part of us all. It connects us; it inspires us. What a special gift it is!
Yes, I hear you saying “Wait, but…,” and you’re right.¬†

Getting in touch with your authentic messages is a daring journey.

It requires the right environment, the right tools, and the right support. That’s why I’ve created this program to help you to find your inner truth and express it in a powerful way.

I was helped by many. So, it’s my turn to help you with
1) Discovering your core message and most meaningful stories in you,
2) Turning them into something sharable. Hint: a book, booklet, or speech script.

Currently, I’m doing one-on-one sessions only. Spots are limited; join the waiting list below.

Client Testimonials

Misako, you really guided me to finding my true voice. I felt so safe talking to you and I really appreciated your help. Now I miss you! My speech went really well and many were surprised by my story.
Honestly, I was struggling to find my voice before I came to you. You were patient and curious, which made all the difference. It's great to have found you, Misako.
I'm delighted with how my little booklet turned out; my family loved it. It took me a little while to think that I could start writing, but with your assistance, I was able to do so! I might try writing a "real" book, so I hope to see you soon.
Grannie Judith