As we journey through life, we sometimes find ourselves on different paths than those we used to walk alongside. Although we know that’s a natural part of life, it can be disheartening to realize that a once-close friend no longer shares our values or interests. We know neither of us is to blame for our changes, rather, it’s perfectly natural for relationships to evolve. We’re always well aware of it, although it’s not easy to accept. That’s the reality. That’s when we feel guilty or worst, try to convince our friends, just to prove that we are the “right ones.” That’s not going to work. We know that, too.

We all know this — outgrowing friendships can be a sign that each of us is evolving and becoming the person we’re meant to be. It’s a reminder we all have the freedom to choose how we live our lives.

We can still have fun, and laugh together although there will be many “agree to disagree” topics in our conversation. When we can keep our minds open, we can still learn from each other. Our philia doesn’t have to change, friendship can stay.

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