This is my Twitter cover

Yes, the photo is my Twitter cover. Thank you for finding me!

Many Twitter friends have gone – left by their choice or got suspended by something unexpected. I didn’t say a proper goodbye, and most importantly, I didn’t tweet to thank them before they left.

I’m afraid my account will get suspended, too, by mistake or I’ll break Twitter’s new rules. If/when that happens, I probably won’t appeal. Maybe I should prepare a goodbye before I’m forced out.

So I created this area, hoping to make a place my Twitter friends find me. This is not an April Fool post. April Fool was fun when the other 364 days weren’t this crazy.

Twitter has allowed me to learn, share and connect with amazing people like you. Thank you, and I love you all!

The title 280 HQ is honoring Twitter’s character limit – not Twitter Blue. I’m moving some content from Twitter to here – My Blog and Solace in the Void

Below are my books, including the upcoming ones.